Arrival and Airport Pick up

Dear Students!

We recommend you arriving to Kiev (Boryspil – IATA CODE-KBP) or Odessa (IATA CODE-ODS) International airports. Many airline companies, including Lufhtansa, Turkish Airlines, Air France, Emirates Airlines, Aeroflot, Austrian Airline and KLM, offer routine flights to these airports.

You will be met by our representative, who will arrange all emigration details and transport you to your destination.

To avoid hardships, please ask the person that meets you to show the Star Education Consult Ukraine’ ID. Doing this is necessary for your own sake.

Please note that foreign students are not allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine if Ukrainian Airport authorities are not informed about their arrival.

To inform Ukrainian Airport authorities about your arrival and make sure your arrival goes smoothly, we need to have a scanned copy of your Air Ticket. So, please send us a scan of your Air Ticket not later than one week before your arrival. We need to know your flight number and an exact time of your arrival.

Before leaving for Ukraine, make sure you:

  • Take your tuition fee package recommended by Star Education Consult Ukraine LLC.
  • Have enough money to cover your personal expenses during the first few months. Generally, 300 dollars is enough.

Important information to remember!

If you come to Ukraine in autumn or winter, do not forget to take warm clothes and footwear.
Make sure you take visa and all documents returned by the Ukraine embassy with you. Be attentive and do not lose your documents.

It is necessary having a return ticket with an open return date. Make sure your ticket is valid.
Star Consultants Ukraine’s representatives should know the exact date and time of your arrival. Be so kind to give us this information at least five days before your arrival. It is also advisable sending us a scanned copy of your ticket, so that we knew when to meet you at the Ukrainian airport. Emigration Service at Ukrainian airport has the right to deport foreign students if there are no official representatives to meet them at the airport.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. We are ready to give answers to all questions you have.

Enjoy your flight and education in Ukraine!

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