How Can I Get A Permanent Residence Permit In Ukraine?

Trying to apply for a permanent residence permit in Ukraine can be extremely time-consuming and the forms can be very confusing. It will take up to one year for acceptance or not and is handled through the State Migration Service.

The number of people who will be approved is based on the quota set down by the Cabinet of Ministers for each area of entitlement. You should meet with people who understand the entire process and help you get the permanent residence permit you are seeking.

What A Permanent Residence Permit Is:

A permanent residence permit in the Ukraine is a document that confirms legal status on the basis of someone’s entitlement to stay in the Ukraine for an unlimited period of time.

What Are The Qualifications For Receiving A Permanent Residence Permit?

The permanent residence permit may be given to someone only on the premise of an immigration permit. The Ukrainian legislation has an enormous list of entitlements which will allow someone to obtain an immigration permit, followed by a permanent residence permit. The qualifications include:

  • Having been part of the Ukrainian citizenship in the past.
  • Investing into the Ukrainian economy with not less than one-hundred thousand dollars.
  • Someone has family members who are citizens of Ukraine, including parents, children, siblings, and grandparents.
  • Grandchildren of a Ukrainian citizen, guardians, trustees, wards of citizens.
  • Husbands and wives of foreigners who are citizens qualify, but they must be married for more than 2 years.
  • Those who have achievements in the field of science and culture as long as this person’s immigration will serve the interests of Ukraine.
  • A worker or someone who is highly qualified within a given field that will meet the needs of the Ukraine.
  • The Ukraine’s state interest in a person’s immigration.
  • Someone has rights to citizenship under territorial origin.
  • The status of a Foreign Ukrainian, and a husband or wife of a Foreign Ukrainian.
  • The status of persons who have suffered from human trafficking and the state of their living conditions over the past 3 years.

The Process For Receiving A Permanent Residence Permit In Ukraine:

Annually, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine authorizes the immigration quota. Meaning; the limited number of people who have a right to an immigration permit within a given year on each requirement. This does not include those who are close relatives of Ukrainian citizens, those who’s immigration meets the interests of Ukraine or those who want citizenship of Ukraine under territorial origin.

The process of receiving a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is extremely time-consuming and very complicated. The applications are considered by the State Migration Service for one year. At that point, the person is given a permanent residence permit.

The number of documents required for an application varies in different cases and on what grounds someone is requesting citizenship.

We will be more than happy to assist you with any migration issues you are facing. Please give us a call for further details Please review the contacts below:

Contact Person — Dr. Taras Bachynskyy

phones: +380972184275
tel./fax +38 (032) 261-38-07

Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology


Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology welcomes international students motivated to get a quality education. What makes KIBiT unique?

  • Cooperation with the leading European universities
  • Responsibility for high-quality training
  • Individual approach and respect for students’ personalities
  • Favorable multi-cultural atmosphere

Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology was awarded for education innovations and highly professional training. KIBiT is among the top-10 private universities in Ukraine. Its Business School is one of the leading business schools.

Foreign citizens are accepted upon a successful interview.

Programs and types of degree

KIBiT offers the following programs:

  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Management
  • Public Management and Administration
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Psychology

The programs lead to a Bachelor’s degree and MBA. Foreign students are required to have a good command of Russian or Ukrainian sufficient for understanding the program courses. There is a 10-month preparatory course for those international students who want to improve one of the mentioned languages. Upon completing a preparatory course, students receive a certificate that gives them the right to continue their studies in any Ukrainian university or institute.


  • Full-time
  • Extramural (correspondence)

Major disciplines:

Computer science, economics, management, geography, business ethics, law, practical psychology, political science, philosophy, mathematics, banking, business English and a 100 more subjects.


Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology has its campuses in 5 most popular among students Ukrainian cities. It’s up to a particular student which city to choose: bustling and dynamic capital city of Kyiv, quiet and green Zhytomyr full of active students, ancient Vinnytsia where the institute has its own infrastructure, modern Zaporizhia, or cozy Uman.


The institute faculty includes professors (75%), top managers of leading companies (6%), and lecturers with practical experience (19%). One of the main principles of KIBiT instructors is an individual approach to each student.

KIBiT is a member of the following associations and international projects:

  • United Nations Global Compact
  • AMBA

The graduates of Kyiv Institute of Business and Technology build successful careers in the public sector (14%), 21% of them work for international companies, 24% – for Ukrainian firms, 41% of graduates start their own business.

Tuition fees

Students are enrolled on a basis of a contract that is concluded for the whole period of studies.

Tuition fees, depending on a program, vary from $1200 to $4500 per year. A contract price includes all educational services being provided except for additional programs such as summer school, summer internship, and certification programs.

Visa support and registration of foreigners in Ukraine

Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Korea, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are the countries of visa-free access to Ukraine. The citizens of other countries must obtain a student visa of type “D”. The international department of KIBiT provides extensive assistance in completing all necessary documents.

The beginning of the academic year

1.09.2016 — Bachelor degree programs

1.10.2016 — Preparatory Course

1.10.2016 and 1.03.2017 —МВА programs

Duration of programs

Preparatory Course – 10 month

Bachelor’s degree programs – 4 years (full-time) or 4.5 years (extramural)

MBA – 1 year

KIBiT: How to apply

  1. Fill in an application form on the website (deadline – May 1, 2016)
  2. Send the following documents to us.

A letter of motivation

A copy of national passport

A copy of international passport

A copy of educational document with points/grades

A copy of medical health certificate

  1. Have a Skype interview
  2. Upon receiving an invitation to study, apply for a D-visa (deadline – August 20, 2016)
  3. Come to the Dean Office of KIBiT, register for an introductory lecture (deadline – September 1, 2016)


Study Abroad for Students From Ghana in Ukraine

The number of African nationalities coming to study at the Ukrainian institutions of higher learning is quickly growing. Students from Ghana are also interested in getting higher training in this European country. Many of them have already discovered the benefits of studying in Ukraine.

ghana  african students

It is not a secret that learning environment in most African countries is not favourable for getting a comprehensive education. Thus, many young people decide to study abroad. Of all European countries, offering higher training for foreigners, a great percentage of Ghanaian students choose Ukraine. Higher educational establishments of Ukraine attract international students by an affordable tuition fee that, depending on the university and course, ranges from $2000 to $500 per year, and also by a high quality of higher education offered there. Another valuable advantage of entering Ukrainian universities are relaxed study visa requirements.

Study abroad for Ghanaian students is an excellent opportunity to receive a European education and get better career opportunities. The universities of Ukraine are known not only for their low tuitions fee (which is the lowest in Europe) but also for the highly effective teaching methods that correspond with the European norms and standards of higher education.

African students who have decided to study in Ukraine reap a bunch of benefits which include a lot more than just a low-cost education. Most Ghana students are mainly interested in getting a deep knowledge of the chosen major and Ukrainian universities give them this opportunity to the full. Thus, students are supplied with all study materials and a have a free access to libraries loaded with numerous books above the recommended level. All universities feature computerised and fully-equipped classrooms and study laboratories. All this makes the educative process not just efficient but captivating, as well. Otherwise saying, the universities of Ukraine go to great lengths to create the most favourable learning environment for their students, be they natives or foreigners.

Diplomas issued by the higher educational establishments of Ukraine are recognized by a the European Association of Universities, UNESCO, EU Council and other renowned organisations. The most popular fields of study among the Ghanaian students are Medicine, Pharmacology, Dentistry, Information Technology, Civil Engineering, Business Management, Aviation and International Economics.

Study abroad in Ukraine will fulfill your dream of receiving the best European education!

Running Head: Basic Running Tips

According to website provides essay writing help basics tips, there are many ways of writing an essay depending on the writer’s choice. Some people are indeed good writers but sadly due to lack of knowledge and skills they end up producing a poor quality paper that in turn costs them either good grades or a job. When writing an essay there are a few things one needs to considered as shown below:

essay examples

Understand the Topic: This is the most important part of any essay; the biggest problem with many people is that they hardly spend time going through the instructions and end up doing a poor quality article. An individual should notice the key points or key words in the topic to avoid an article that had content issues.

Research: One is advised to take a sheet of paper and jot down notes that he or she will use to refer to while the writer begins the essay. The purpose of the research is to be more familiar with the paper and also to provide the writer with the relevant background on the paper.

Develop a Thesis: This is the overall response to the question that the author attempts. The purpose of the Thesis is that it provides the backbone of the essay and prevents the author from going out of topic. One should provide a strongly worded response to the article and avoid a simplified essay

Introduction: The purpose of the introduction in an essay, or paper is to make the reader have an idea of what they expect from the piece. The introduction should be a single paragraph that will give an overview of the Topics or Subject that the writer intends to breakdown for the instructor or reader.

Body: The purpose of the body is where there is an array of well-arranged points that follow each other chronologically written by the author. Each point should go to a single paragraph, it is important to write an essay that is clear and neat that is why this section are imperative. Each item should link with the theme.

Conclusion: The purpose of the conclusion is that it shows that a writer has proven the Thesis. A conclusion is commonly known as a summary of the paper that gives an overview of the points that appear in depth in the body of the document. One is advised to end with an interesting Quote or sentence that the reader considers as thought provoking though it must be relevant and in line with the Topic.

Studying Economics Sciences in Ukraine

Getting quality economic education is an essential step for a successful employment. Many young people understand this and therefore are very serious about their choice of the economic university. Luckily, modern applicants are not limited by the educational opportunities of their native land only, and can choose programs for study economics abroad.

Studying Economics Sciences

For many international enrollees, study abroad economics programs is a great chance not just to get the desired education, but also to see the world and get a unique experience of living in a foreign country with its specific traditions and way of life. There are lots of economic universities across the world, accepting international students, however most of them have very strict admission requirements. Moreover, getting study visa to most European countries is pretty challenging nowadays. Ukraine is not in the list of these countries and offers exciting possibilities for all international enrollees, aspiring to study economics in Ukraine. The number of foreign nationals, entering the Universities of Ukraine to study economics abroad programs, quickly increases with every academic year. There are lots of Indian, Pakistani and Moroccan students. The number of African, Nigerian applicants, as well as applicants from Ghana is also impressive. All these nationalities are attracted by a high-quality European education they can get here. Another valuable advantage – is an affordable tuition fee.

For the moment, international students who have decided to study economics Sciences in Ukraine can enroll at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and Lviv University of Business and Law. Both universities are accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science for granting Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and are also licensed for teaching foreigners.

National University “Lviv Polytechnic” provides training in the following majors:

  • International Economics
  • Company Economics
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Economics
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Credit
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Management

Lviv University of Business and Law offers the following programs:

  • Accounting and Auditing, Finance and Credit
  • Publishing Industry and Editing
  • International Relations
  • Metrology Standardization and Certification
  • Legal Science
  • Master’s programme in Accounting and Auditing, Finance and Credit
  • Master’s programme in Publishing Industry and Editing (apprehension term 1.5 year)
  • Media Communications (apprehension term 1.5 year).

Both universities have well-established educational methods, based on a unique combination of time-proven traditional and contemporary European principles and standards of higher training. These teaching methods are recognized by numerous European organizations. Efficient teaching methods, experienced and talented teaching staff, coupled with fully-equipped study labs and classrooms, create a favourable learning environment that is so crucial for getting a comprehensive education.

Study in Ukraine for Moroccan Students

The number of Moroccan students in Ukraine is surging with every academic year. Though Moroccan system of higher education is facing serious changes, it is still not perfect, and this is the main reason why a great percentage of young people wish to study abroad in Ukraine.

morrocan students

According to various surveys, a vast majority of Moroccan students claims that learning environment at local universities is not favourable one. So, many are looking for better educational opportunities abroad. There are lots of European universities ready to accept foreign students, however strict visa and admission requirements deal a blow at hopes of receiving higher training in Europe. Another huge obstacle – is a high tuition fee, charged by most of the European Universities.

Study in Ukraine for Moroccan students is an excellent opportunity to receive European education, avoiding numerous admission difficulties and excessive tuition fees. Higher education in Ukraine for Moroccan students is a lot cheaper than in other European countries, however the quality of training and education offered here meets the highest educational standards.

A year of higher education in Ukraine costs $2000-$5000. Generally, tuition fee depends on the higher educational institution and program. Students who study medicine usually spend more on their education. Higher tuition fee is also waiting for students who wish to study veterinary. The most popular courses among Moroccan students are Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine and Civil Engineering. A large percentage of Moroccans comes to study tech science in Ukraine.

The universities of Ukraine create a favourable learning environment for local and international students. They feature modern classrooms and study labs, supply students with all necessary study materials and provide a solid background for a comprehensive education. Moreover, diplomas issued by the higher educational establishments of Ukraine have a world-wide recognition and open excellent career opportunities.

When choosing Ukraine for getting higher education, international students get a unique possibility to learn from the experienced professors from the USA, UK, Canada and Europe, as well as from local professors whose teaching methods are recognized all across the world.

Study abroad in Ukraine is a great chance to get European-class education for an affordable fee!

Study in Ukraine for African Students

Even though Ukraine is not the first country that pops up in minds of African students, wishing to study in Europe, no student has ever regretted a decision of entering higher educational establishment of Ukraine.

african students ukraine

Learning environment at the universities of developing countries is unfortunately, not the most favourable one. This is the main reason why many African students dream of getting higher education abroad. Many European universities are open for African students, but their strict admission and visa requirements, coupled with high tuition fees, make a huge barrier toward this dream.

European class education without barriers

Ukraine breaks this barrier and makes it possible for African students from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, Angola and other countries to receive quality European education for an affordable fee. Indeed, higher educational establishments of Ukraine offer the cheapest, but at the same time superior education, corresponding with the highest European norms and requirements. Study in Ukraine for African Students it’s a way to create your future carrier now.

Affordable tuition fee for foreign students from Africa and Asia

When choosing Ukrainian universities for higher training, African students get a myriad of benefits and affordable tuition fee, which (depending on the university and course) ranges from $2000 to $5000 per year, is only a miniscule proportion of these benefits. Thus, Ukrainian universities feature modern classrooms, fully equipped study labs and computerised libraries that create a favourable environment for receiving a comprehensive education. Upon completing the education, graduates get world-class diplomas, that are recognized by UNESCO, EU COUNCIL, WHO, USMLE, PLAB and other organizations. In other words, studying abroad in Ukraine is an excellent chance to master a desired speciality, receive a worldwide recognized degree, get better job opportunities all across the world, experience European living standards and save money, at long last.

The number of Africans entering the universities of Ukraine is relentlessly surging. According to the latest admission data, a vast majority of all African students are from Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Uganda, Cameroon and Kenya. They can choose from a great variety of courses, the most popular of which are Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Pharmacy, Aviation, Civil Engineering, International Economics, Network Management and Computer Science.

Whatever field of study you choose, you will get an opportunity to learn from highly-experienced local and foreign professors from the UK, Europe, Canada and the United States of America. With the huge content of knowledge you will receive, you will effortlessly take the rightful place at the labour market.

Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology

Lviv National Stepan Gzhytsky University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology is a powerful educational and scientific center, known for its well-established teaching methods, tight collaboration with agricultural production and training of highly qualified specialists.

study veterinary medicine lviv

For the moment, over 6,000 full- and part-time students are studying Veterinary at the University. The university trains junior specialists and masters in 5 majors, offers pre-entry courses, has 4 faculties of full-time education, Faculty of Distance Education, Institute of Postgraduate Education and Staff Retraining.

The University authorities take all due measures so that agricultural diplomas of Ukraine could receive official recognition from the universities of developed countries. Thus, educational and scientific activity of Ukraine’s agricultural universities has undergone sweeping reforms. Among the major innovations are the introduction of the credit-modular system of educational process and functionally differentiated system of specialists’ training.

You can study veterinary medicine in Lviv, Ukraine in this University which conducts training of specialists in 12 specialities and 15 specializations, and provides educational services in the following fields: engineering, food technology, veterinary medicine, production and processing technology of livestock products, law, management and administration, aquaculture and fisheries, economics and business, environmental protection and ecology.

Much attention is given to the quality of teaching and learning activities. The University has achieved great results in the implementation of innovative teaching methods, like modular training system, performance appraisal rating system and also in the integration of science and educational process. The use of innovative teaching methods, coupled with the computerization of learning activities allows students getting comprehensive knowledge of the targeted speciality. The best students have a chance to undertake an internship in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and in the Netherlands.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Lviv National Stepan Gzhytsky University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology is proud to have one of the biggest and oldest faculties of veterinary medicine in Ukraine. The first faculty of veterinary medicine in the Eastern Europe was opened in Ukraine in 1784. Initially, it functioned as a part of the medical department of Lviv National Ivan Franko University.

Today, the faculty comprises 10 departments for Study Veterinary abroad in Lviv:

  • internal animal diseases and clinical recognition
  • parasitology and ichthyotoxicology
  • obstetrics, gynaecology and biotechnology of animal reproduction, named after G.V. Zvereva
  • epizootology
  • veterinary-sanitary evaluation, hygiene and general veterinary prevention
  • pharmacology and toxicology
  • microbiology and virology
  • hominal physiology and pathophysiology, named after S.V. Stojanovski
  • normal and morbid morphology and legal veterinary
  • Veterinary (Zoo) surgery.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine trains Bachelors and Masters of Veterinary Science and offers postgraduate and doctorate programs for training scientific manpower.

Study in Lviv National Stepan Gzhytsky University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology is licensed to provide educational services in the field of Veterinary Medicine for international students. All foreign students enrolled at the University have equal educational opportunities with local students and are supplied with all study materials and equipment necessary for a comprehensive education.

Study In Ukraine For Pakistani Students

For many Pakistani students, who decide studying abroad, Ukraine is a number one choice. Thoug lots of countries are ready to welcome international students, many of them choose Ukraine. It is not surprisingly, as Ukrainian system of higher education has a worldwide recognition. The number of Pakistani student, coming to Ukraine is gradually increasing every academic year. They are tempted by affordable tuition fee, low living costs and world-class education they can receive when studying at the higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

pakistan students

Minimal visa requirements is another valuable advantage of studying in Ukraine. As a matter of fact, Pakistani students are rarely denied when applying for study visa. The application process is simple and involves no risk for Pakistani students. Otherwise speaking, Ukraine is the only European country with no hidden visa risks.

Pakistani students can choose from over 30 universities, accepting foreigners for education. The most popular universities are Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv, Odesa National Illia Mechnikov University, Lviv National Ivan Franko University, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Kharkiv National Vasyl Karazin University, Chernivtsi National Yurii Fedkovych University and Dnipropetrovsk National Oles Honchar University. All universities feature modern study labs, lecture halls, classrooms and computerised libraries with a wide selection of study materials. Most universities have their own gyms and sport grounds.

All universities of Ukraine offer a wide range of educational programs that meet all European standards of education. Of all offered programs, a great majority of Pakistani students choose aviation, business management, medicine, hotel management, engineering and IT. Though many degree programs are mostly taught in English, lots of Pakistani students attend Ukrainian language courses, as study of native language and traditions are a few of additional advantage of studying abroad.

International students can live in a dormitory (located in just a few steps of the university and equipped with all modern amenities) or rent an apartment. Rental costs are pretty low and you can always share an apartment with other students. Accommodation costs range from $500 – $1300 and depend on the type of housing you choose.

As for the tuition fee, it is the lowest in Europe. Different universities charge different educational costs. Alos tuition fee depends on the course you choose. On the average, a year of education at a Ukrainian university will cost you $3.600, which is a lot cheaper than in other European countries.

Ukraine is the cheapest travel destination in 2015

Though Ukraine is currently not in the list of top tourists destinations, the interest to this European country is gradually increasing. Ukraine, with its magnificent and diverse scenery, numerous historical places, hospitable people, delicious cuisine and captivating history, should be in the must-visit list of every avid traveller.


Read about 6 wonders of Ukraine

In addition to offering a plethora of unexplored wonders, Ukraine is also one of the cheapest travel destinations to visit in 2015. Here is a short recommendation list of what to do in Ukraine.

Go Hiking

Carpathians with its lofty mountains and breathtaking scenery is the best place for anyone who is fond of an active leisure and hiking in particular. The Carpathian mountain range is a real paradise for hikers of all levels. Hiking allows not only to challenge yourself, but also to visit numerous traditional villages and get a touch to a local life. Horse and bike excursions are a perfect alternative to hiking.

Discover Extreme Tourism

The most reckless tourists will be offered plenty of adrenaline buzzing activities, like rock climbing and whitewater rafting. If you are thirsty for adventures, extreme tourism of Ukraine will fill your life with unforgettable memories and emotions. You can try medical tourism in Ukraine during your trip.

Hit the Beach

If you are an adherent of a quiet rest, serene Ukrainian beaches are waiting for you. Fine sand and warm waters of the Black and Azov seas, washing the coastline of the Kherson, Zaporizhian region and also Odessa, coupled with the hospitality of Ukrainian people and affordable costs will help you relax and forget about daily difficulties.

Visit Historical and Cultural Places

Ukraine has a glorious history and lots of places reminding of its past. Thus, you can visit medieval fortresses and castles, built in the 14th-15th centuries. The most famous is the stone fortress town in Kamyanets-Podilsky. Ukrainian ancient churches are also impressive. Start with visiting the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra, built in the 11the century, which is also known as the Caves Monastery. Do not forget visiting museums, demonstrating the most interesting personalities and facts of Ukraine’s culture and history.

Explore the Nightlife of the Big Cities

Nightlife in the big cities like Kiev, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odesa is varied and lively. There are lots of fashionable restaurants, exclusive nightclubs and discos with mouth-watering meals, reasonable prices and diverse dinner-shows.

Even though Ukraine is not the most visited tourist destination, it will charm you the very moment you come there. Being one of the cheapest tourist destinations in 2015, Ukraine with its rich cultural and historical heritage, numerous tourist spots and recreation activities will not leave you indifferent.