Ukraine is one of the climatically comfortable countries. The climate of Ukraine is temperate continental. The only exception is the southern coast of Crimea, where the climate is subtropical of the Mediterranean type. Warm low-snow winters and shiny summers are specific to the mild climate of Ukraine. Average winter temperatures in Lviv vary from – 8 to -12 C. The average summer temperature ranges from 18 to 25 C. However, it can exceed to 35 C during the day. Frequent weather fronts bring weather changes. However, that clear, sunny weather is typical for Lviv (up to 230 sunny days per year).

The amount of rainfall decreases from the north and northwest to the south and southeast. Most of it falls during the warm time of the year (except on the southern shore of Crimea). The highest amount of rainfall is in the Carpathians, whereas the least falls on the shores of Black and Azov seas.

In Lviv is a clearly defined change of seasons during the year. The winters are long but relatively warm, with frost and snow. In Carpathians it lasts 120–130 days. Spring starts when the average temperatures cross 0°C, but frosts are still possible. The summer starts when the temperature reaches 15°C and it is warm in Lviv. The temperatures can reach +34… +39°C when the air currents from Africa reach Ukraine through the Mediterranean. In Lviv the summer lasts from 120 to 150 days. In the autumn the temperatures drop and some frosts are possible, the number of rains and fogs increases. Rarely some very warm periods are possible. In the end the weather conditions in Ukraine especially in Lviv have positive influence on people who visit or live here.

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