Running Head: Basic Running Tips

According to website provides essay writing help basics tips, there are many ways of writing an essay depending on the writer’s choice. Some people are indeed good writers but sadly due to lack of knowledge and skills they end up producing a poor quality paper that in turn costs them either good grades or a job. When writing an essay there are a few things one needs to considered as shown below:

essay examples

Understand the Topic: This is the most important part of any essay; the biggest problem with many people is that they hardly spend time going through the instructions and end up doing a poor quality article. An individual should notice the key points or key words in the topic to avoid an article that had content issues.

Research: One is advised to take a sheet of paper and jot down notes that he or she will use to refer to while the writer begins the essay. The purpose of the research is to be more familiar with the paper and also to provide the writer with the relevant background on the paper.

Develop a Thesis: This is the overall response to the question that the author attempts. The purpose of the Thesis is that it provides the backbone of the essay and prevents the author from going out of topic. One should provide a strongly worded response to the article and avoid a simplified essay

Introduction: The purpose of the introduction in an essay, or paper is to make the reader have an idea of what they expect from the piece. The introduction should be a single paragraph that will give an overview of the Topics or Subject that the writer intends to breakdown for the instructor or reader.

Body: The purpose of the body is where there is an array of well-arranged points that follow each other chronologically written by the author. Each point should go to a single paragraph, it is important to write an essay that is clear and neat that is why this section are imperative. Each item should link with the theme.

Conclusion: The purpose of the conclusion is that it shows that a writer has proven the Thesis. A conclusion is commonly known as a summary of the paper that gives an overview of the points that appear in depth in the body of the document. One is advised to end with an interesting Quote or sentence that the reader considers as thought provoking though it must be relevant and in line with the Topic.

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