Geographical Location of Ukraine

location of ukraine

Ukraine is a country situated in Eastern Europe. Ukraine has a larger territory of 603,700, 2,782 kilometers of which is a coastline. It is the second largest country in Europe and the largest country of the European Union. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. The landscape of Ukraine consist mostly of plateaus and fertile plains. There are lots of big and small rivers like Dnipro, Southern Buh, Dniester and Seversky Donets that flow into the Black and Azov seas.

Ukraine borders Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Moldova and Slovakia. On the southwest Ukraine borders with Romania, where the geographical border is formed by the delta of the river Danube. Ukraine’s geographical features vary from region to region, ranging from the lowlands to the highlands. Mountains are located in the west of the country – Carpathian Mountains, and on the Crimean peninsula – the Crimean Mountains. The highest mountain in Ukraine is Mount Hoverla. Its height is 2,061 metres.

Getting from one part of Ukraine to another is pretty easy, as Ukrainian transport system is well developed. Travelling around the country is possible by car, bus, train and plane. Railway tickets can be purchased in advance. Buying tickets is possible in the city or directly at the railway station. Local transport is diverse and includes, buses, trams, trolley-buses and metro.

Ukrainian citizens speak English, Russian and English languages. National currency is Ukrainian Hryvnia. One USD is equal to 27 Hryvnias (UHR). Average salary is 200 USD.

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