Study in Ukraine for Indian Students

study for indian students in Ukraine

Ukraine is in the list of top 10 international study destinations. The reason of this popularity are are high-quality education, wide variety of educational programs, affordable tuition fees and low living costs. Today, over 30 Ukrainian universities are ready to accept international students. The latest statistics show that Indian students have the greatest incentives to study in higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

Ukraine offers Indian students programs in engineering, aviation, IT, business and medicine that are recognized by UNESCO, European Union and European Association of Universities. Moreover, 9 Ukraine’s medical universities are recognised by the Medical Council of India.

A greater majority of Indian students, enrolling in higher educational institutions of Ukraine, choose medical, engineering and aviation universities. The most popular medical universities for study in Ukraine are Danylo Halytsky National Medical University in Lviv and Bogomolets National Medical University in Kyiv. According to the latest admission data, about 50% of all medical students at Ukraine’s universities are from India.

Popular Universities for Indian students

Students aspiring to study aviation, choose National Aerospace University in Kharkiv, National Aviation University in Kyiv and State Flight Academy of Ukraine in Kirovograd. The most in-demand engineering and IT universities are Kyiv Polytechnic University, Kharkiv Polytechnic University, Lviv Polytechnic University, Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil and Gas and Odessa Polytechnic University.

All universities of Ukraine accepting Indian and other foreign students, are under a strict supervision on the Ukrainian government and have a special state accreditation. In addition to offering world-class education, Ukraine’s Universities have all modern amenities necessary for comfortable living and studying. Indian students have an access to modern fully-equipped laboratories, libraries with all necessary study materials, gyms and sport grounds, and are settled in comfortable dormitories. Student life is also rich and exciting. It offers a myriad of after-class activities that can meet various interests.

Education and living costs

Affordable tuition fee and low living costs are the most valuable addition to all other benefits of getting higher education in Ukraine. Tuition fee starts at Rs 8,000 per month. It depends on the University and course you choose. Thus, monthly cost of aviation course is about 15,000 rupees, medicine -14,000 and technology course about 13,500 rupees per month. This is significantly cheaper in comparison to tuition fees for similar courses in other European countries.

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  2. what about placement from colleges? how engineering students passed from there get their jobs? u have also not mention anything about average pay scale or packages of their students…

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    Can you give mobile number of any Pakistani student in Ukraine…!!
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