Interesting Facts About Ukraine

Why study in Ukraine

Heart of Eastern Europe
The city is located at 50 km from the border with European Union. And also at a distance about 500 km from three capital cities: Kyiv (Ukraine), Warsaw ( Poland) and Budapest (Hungary).

The largest city in Western Ukraine
In the city lives more than 900,000 residents, that makes it not noisy metropolis, but that does not stop the continued development of new cultural trends that are unique to the city.

The origin of the city name
Lviv named in honor of prince Lev Danilovuch, son of Lviv founder Danilo Galickiy. City name sounds in different languages: Polish – Lwów, English – Lviv, Russian – Lvov, German – Lemberg, Latin – Leopolis. Also Lvov called: Little Paris, Little Vienna , the city of lions, pearl of Europe. First written mention of Lviv, dates by 1256.

Why in Lviv so many lions
Every tourist who visit city could mention a lot of lions in their various forms and think about what they symbolize. Older people say it’s the former dwellers who did something for their town. Once a year, at night, all these lions come together to determine which of dweller deserve in the last year to become one of them. Chair at this meeting the oldest lion – from the oldest city seal. Sun rising, night endings and metal, glass, wood, stone lions returned to their houses. To find out where is their secret meeting, you must be one of the famous lions.

Motto of Lviv
Lviv – open to the world and friendly to people!

Lviv and Lviv region has more than 60% of historical monuments of Ukraine.
In particular, in Lviv saved 2500 historical and architectural monuments. In addition, since 1998 city was included in the World Heritage List.

Lviv – city of students
In Lviv every fifth are student. In particular, city has about 170 thousand students. As well as 26 universities. The most promising private university is “The University of Business and Law”.

Software for Hollywood films – done in Lviv
Few people know that special effects for films “Spiderman”, “Harry Potter”, “Hulk” and many others films, created in Lviv. Also, according to KPMG investigation, Lviv definitely one of the most perspective cities in the world to develop IT.

City of Festivals
Traditional themes of city festivals are classical music, street theater, coffee festivals, chocolate, doughnut. Also, for several years Lviv carry out one of the largest jazz festivals.

The highest concentration of museums in country
Lviv has 60 museums of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism.

Religious mecca
Lviv is center of the most religious regions in Ukraine. City has 104 temples and all religious creeds are represented.

Lviv – European tourist oasis.
Over one million people annually visit Lviv. Despite this influx of tourists in comparing Lviv with other European tourist cities it is calm and acceptable in price for the statistical average tourist.

Like Babylon
Lviv often referred as small Vienna or Paris, but Lviv better to compare with Babylon. Only in Babylon, where languages were confused, as in Lviv, everyone always found a common language. In Lviv over 750 years many nations are live in good attitude to each other. Dwellers of Lviv would be not surprised by Polish, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Armenian, Hebrew languages.

Airport of Danylo Galickyi
It is located 6 km from the city center. In 2012 was open new terminal and extended runway, which allows take large aircraft. There is good connection with many countries all over the world, thanks to airlines Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, LOT, CarpatAir, low-cost- carrier Wizzair.

Lviv – city of inventions
In Lviv was founded first Ukraine’s railway station, hotel, professional theater and the first Ukrainian school. And also was invented first kerosene lamp and launched the balloon in the world.

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