Medical education in Ukraine

Medicine has always been and will always be a popular branch of university studying. There are a lot of different opportunities of studying abroad, Eurasian countries offer various educational plans and specializations. One of the most appropriate choices is Ukraine. But why? Let’s figure out.

Ukraine has a specific history of medicine researches and studies (especially last century as the USSR government respectfully approached medicine as one of the most important fields of science). A high necessity in developed medical support is related to a great amount of wars and the Cossacks agencies. Later, Ukrainian medicine became recognized for works of such famous scientists as Metchnikoff, Pirogov, Sklifosovsky, Filatov etc. The strongest congregations of medical studies are around universities in Kiev, Kharkov, L’viv, and Odessa.

Thousands of students from more than 110 countries are attracted to education in Ukraine, most of them are interested in international programs of medical studies. A foreign student can take a one-year language preparatory course in Ukrainian or Russian and then move forward to medical faculties. Geographically being one of the biggest European countries, Ukrainian universities offer medicine studying programs in English and French in order to share the great experience with foreign students from all over the world. There are several universities that give opportunities of studying in these languages, but the most favorable of them are thought to be Bogomolets National Medical University in Kiev and Odessa National Medical University. Both were established more than a century ago and have by now gathered some excellent scientific basis.

Modern teaching programs in English and French are practiced for more than 20 years; main disciplines are Nursing, Pediatrics, Dental studies, Cardiology etc. Also, a Ukrainian diploma is recognized and accepted in most countries and is preferred among many others in such countries as India (Medical Council of India) and Pakistan (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council). The application and admission processes are simple and comfortable, those systems are quite alike other European countries; a student has a possibility of choosing the kind of degree he or she wants to get, the studying medicine can take from 2 to 6 years basing on the type of program the participant has chosen. Post-graduation studies are available as well, its duration is from 2 to 3 years.

Another attraction is the cost: tuition can vary from 2600 to 3700 euro per year which is one of the cheapest in Europe for Study Medicine in Ukraine. Living in such cities as Kiev and Odessa is not really expensive, the accommodation would cost approximately 700 euros a year. In a collaboration with high standards of education and the amiable approach to students, it creates the perfect conditions for studying in Ukraine.

Most of the international students come from India, China, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Uganda and central European countries. Such a huge diversity of cultures gives magnificent opportunities of expanding student’s horizons and experience exchange. Ukrainian medical universities have strong cooperation with educational institutions in Poland, Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the USA, so foreign medical students get access to exchange programs, international libraries, particularized conferences and various interesting projects.

Taking into consideration everything that has been said and adding well-acknowledged quality of medical education in the country, Ukraine can surely be entitled the best offer on the market of international medicine studies in Europe.