Study in Ukraine for Nigerian Students

Nigerians represent one of the numerous groups of all international students studying in Ukraine. For the moment, more than 8 hundred Nigerian students are receiving higher education in Ukraine. All these students have chosen Ukraine not by coincidence. In sober fact, there are a few weighty reasons behind this choice.

Nigeria students

When it comes to studying abroad, Ukraine is one of the most affordable and at once qualitative options. Indeed, studying and living in Ukraine is a lot cheaper than in other European countries. However, low tuition fee does not mean low quality of education. On the contrary, Ukrainian principles and standards of education are very high and are highly prized by the European academia.

Universities in Ukraine for Students from Nigeria

Today, virtually all universities of Ukraine, (more than 30, if to be precise) are open for Nigerian and other international students. They have a government-approved accreditation for teaching foreign students and all modern facilities (including computerised libraries, fully-equipped lecture halls and laboratories, sport grounds, gyms, etc.) necessary for a comprehensive education. Moreover, most universities have English medium and give classes of Ukrainian language.

Higher educational institutions of Ukraine offer a full range of graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of majors. Statistics shows that a great majority of Nigerian students choose Medical, Aviation, Economic and Technical or Engineering Universities. The most in-demand of which are Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”, Lviv University of Business and Law, Odesa National Illia Mechnikov University, National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and Kharkiv National Medical University that was recently recognized as the best Medical University for foreign students.

Costs of living in Ukraine

Nigerian students have two options when it comes to accommodation: settle in a dormitory or hostel located in a close proximity to the university, or rent an apartment. Depending on the type of housing you choose, rental expenses range from 500 to 1300 dollars per year. Living in a rental apartment has a number of benefits which you can have for an affordable price that you can share with other local or international students. Ukrainians are very friendly and hospitable, so such neighbourship will hardly cause any discomfort.

Educations costs in Ukraine

As already mentioned, tuition fee is one of the lowest in Europe. On the average, a yearly education costs from 2.000 dollars. This amount can change depending on the university and course you choose.

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