Range of Services

Visiting Ukraine is a must as this country is universally acknowledged as one of the most beautiful lands in Europe. It has much to offer – various tourist attractions and highlights, industrial cities with developed business sectors, interesting people, and the ancient culture. Our aim is to help with traveling to Ukraine. The services are extremely useful for the parents of students and other visitors:

  • Sending and obtaining tourism invitations;
  • Booking hotels and other accommodations for our clients;
  • Transferring from airports to accommodations;
  • Providing cars and/or drivers for daily excursions;
  • Providing translators.

(You may use as many services as you want)
We also provide some services for students:

  • Official admission letters from the chosen University;
  • Deposit of tuitions with the Department of Higher Education on Ukraine;
  • VISA support letters from the Department of Higher Education in Ukraine;
  • Pick-up and transfers from airports in Kiev, Simferopol, Odessa, and other cities;
  • Providing assistance in Immigration Clearance in Ukraine;
  • Providing student ID cards, hostel cards, International student cards, etc.
  • Accommodation arrangement in a University hostel;
  • Bank accounts in Ukrainian international banks;
  • City explorations and orientation programs in the local environment.

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