Studying Economics Sciences in Ukraine

Getting quality economic education is an essential step for a successful employment. Many young people understand this and therefore are very serious about their choice of the economic university. Luckily, modern applicants are not limited by the educational opportunities of their native land only, and can choose programs for study economics abroad.

Studying Economics Sciences

For many international enrollees, study abroad economics programs is a great chance not just to get the desired education, but also to see the world and get a unique experience of living in a foreign country with its specific traditions and way of life. There are lots of economic universities across the world, accepting international students, however most of them have very strict admission requirements. Moreover, getting study visa to most European countries is pretty challenging nowadays. Ukraine is not in the list of these countries and offers exciting possibilities for all international enrollees, aspiring to study economics in Ukraine. The number of foreign nationals, entering the Universities of Ukraine to study economics abroad programs, quickly increases with every academic year. There are lots of Indian, Pakistani and Moroccan students. The number of African, Nigerian applicants, as well as applicants from Ghana is also impressive. All these nationalities are attracted by a high-quality European education they can get here. Another valuable advantage – is an affordable tuition fee.

For the moment, international students who have decided to study economics Sciences in Ukraine can enroll at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic” and Lviv University of Business and Law. Both universities are accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science for granting Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees and are also licensed for teaching foreigners.

National University “Lviv Polytechnic” provides training in the following majors:

  • International Economics
  • Company Economics
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Economics
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Credit
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Management

Lviv University of Business and Law offers the following programs:

  • Accounting and Auditing, Finance and Credit
  • Publishing Industry and Editing
  • International Relations
  • Metrology Standardization and Certification
  • Legal Science
  • Master’s programme in Accounting and Auditing, Finance and Credit
  • Master’s programme in Publishing Industry and Editing (apprehension term 1.5 year)
  • Media Communications (apprehension term 1.5 year).

Both universities have well-established educational methods, based on a unique combination of time-proven traditional and contemporary European principles and standards of higher training. These teaching methods are recognized by numerous European organizations. Efficient teaching methods, experienced and talented teaching staff, coupled with fully-equipped study labs and classrooms, create a favourable learning environment that is so crucial for getting a comprehensive education.

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