System of Education in Ukraine

If you or your friends are thinking about getting higher education abroad, we strongly recommend that you consider Ukraine. A lot of Ukrainian higher education institutions offer high quality education, but the tuition fees are substantially lower than those of European or North American universities.

There are more than 149 higher education institutions in Ukraine: 81 universities, 48 academies and 2 conservatories. The increase in the number of students in Ukraine is one of the highest in the world. Ukrainian universities offer more than 77 courses to their applicants.
In 1997 Ukraine signed the Lisbon Recognition Convention, which means that Ukrainian academic degrees and periods of study are recognized throughout the European region. Ukraine has also been a member of the Bologna process since 2005 and is an active participant of the European Higher Education Area.

An academic year in a Ukrainian institution starts on September 1 and lasts till June 31. It is divided into two semesters, and between them there is a two-week winter break in January.
Diplomas issued by Ukrainian higher education institutions are recognized worldwide. There are graduates of Ukrainian universities among presidents, chairmen of parliaments, ministers, prominent bankers and businesspeople.

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