Top Countries to Get Cheap and Quality Education Abroad

Have you ever thought why so many students wish to study abroad? The reasons for this are numerous, however the main goal of studying abroad is to cut down expenses on education. There are many European universities offering quality education at affordable fees.

Here are top counties where you can get high-quality education, while not spending much on your education and living.


Being a member of the European Union, Poland offers quality and affordable education at a variety of higher educational establishments. Higher education in Poland is significantly cheaper than in the rest of the EU member states. However, when entering a Polish university you can be sure of getting excellent education and skills, necessary for getting your dream job. Another advantage of choosing Poland for pursuing further education are low living costs.

The most popular universities of Poland are: Jagiellonian University and Warsaw University of Technology. Many courses here are offered in English.


This is one of the best countries to study. Georgia is known for its hospitable people and a number of World Class Universities. Standards of education in Georgia are every bit as high as in the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Europe. When choosing Georgian University, you choose excellent education, low tuition fee, economical living costs and a myriad of other advantages. Studying in the Republic of Georgia is one of the most exciting things that can ever happen in your life.

Baltic States

Universities of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are also open for all international students, aspiring to receive quality European education without paying a fortune for it. Student life is also exciting and eventful in these countries. Thus students looking for new impressions will find lots of interesting activities outside the classroom.


Ukraine is famous for its glorious educational heritage, that has made a valuable contribution into the modern way of teaching. Lots of famous people have got their higher education in Ukraine. Of all specialities studied at Ukraine’s Universities, medical and technical are undoubtedly the most in-demand ones. In addition to low-cost tuition fees and living costs, students will be offered a myriad of exciting after-class activities. Ukraine is crammed with historical places, scientific, cultural and entertainment centers.

To get a detailed information about studying abroad in Ukraine, visit This website will help find answers to many questions related to the enrolment requirements and study in Ukraine for international students.

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