Lviv University of Business and Law

International students are offered the following programs: Legal and Studies;
Accounting and Auditing, Finance and Credit.

Lviv University of Business and Law is situated in one of the most beautiful European cities, known for its cultural, historic and academic heritage. This private institution is one of the oldest higher educational establishments in Western Ukraine.

About Us

Lviv University of Business and Law has 5 faculties, 10 chairs, a legal clinic, preparatory courses, full-time and extra-mural departments. Our university can boast of having modern laboratories, classrooms, computer labs and a library, equipped with all modern amenities. Today, about 1 thousand students are enrolled into our educational programs. We also offer postgraduate education and a possibility to defense PH.D thesis in four areas of Law and Economics.

Programs available for International Students

International students can enroll in the following faculties: Law (with specialization in Legal Studies) and Economics and Business (with specialization in Accounting and Auditing, and in Finance and Credit).


Lviv University of Business was accredited by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science for granting Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs. Since 2011 our university is accredited for the education of foreign students.

Foreign students are settled in the dormitory with double rooms, situated in a close proximity to the university.

Each international student is provided with quality medical services and health insurance.


Giving quality education is impossible without having a highly-qualified university faculty. Lectures at our University are conducted by experienced professors and also by the famous and successful Ukrainian economists, academics, scholars and lawyers.

Moreover, our university hosts and organises diverse scientific conferences. We are also proud to host scientific school on traffic safety.
Alumni and Career

Our alumni have excellent career perspectives. They work as notaries, attorneys, investigators, legal advisers, auditors, customs inspectors and financial managers not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well.

Admission Requirements for International Students

To be admitted to Lviv University of Business and Law, foreign undergraduate students must have a completed high school education. Graduate applicants should have Master’s or Bachelor’s degree. International applicants need to submit the following set of documents:

  • filled in application form;
  • 6 photos (3×4 cm);
  • national ID or passport;
  • document on previous education (diploma or school leaving certificate with supplement).

We accept the documents on a regular basis. Admission decision is made basing on the individual interview results.

Education of Foreign Students

Lectures for foreign students are conducted in English, Ukrainian or Russian languages. Foreign students can master Ukrainian language during preparatory courses. Foreign students are under supervision of the International Students Office.

International Cooperation

Our University tightly cooperates with various foreign higher educational establishments, including Italian, German and Polish universities.

Students Life

Students of Lviv University of Business and Law take an active part in the work of the Board of Student Governance and Student Scientific Society. We are proud to have a devoted and talented university team that regularly participates in multiple national and international Students in Free Enterpriz (SIFE) competitions. Moreover, many students work on various international projects and cooperate with foreign partners.

Sport fans can attend our own gym and athletic hall.

Advantages we offer:

high-quality education that meets all European standards
– affordable tuition fee
– individual approach to each student
– absence of standard admission tests
– internships abroad
– tight collaboration with international partners
– graduation diploma of the European standard.

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for foreign students:

Study program Full-time

Law Education 1500 USD
International Relations 1500 USD
Accounting and Auditing 1500 USD
Journalism and Information 1500 USD
Finance and Credit 2.300 USD
Training of Foreign Students 1200 USD

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  1. I am a nigerian and have my bachelor’s degree in philosophy and presently in my second year in law school in a neighbouring country how can I go about the admission process to your school.

  2. I am a nigerian and have my bachelor’s degree in philosophy and presently in my second year in law school in a neighbouring country how can I go about the admission process to your school.
    email acct:

  3. Are you admitting students I would love to be considered for admission into your university if there open admissions please inform me .

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